Now Smokin’! at the Breakfast Creek Hotel

Breakfast Creek Hotel Smoker

The Breakfast Creek Hotel is arguably one of the most famous and popular Steakhouses in Queensland and certainly knows a thing or two about Beef. Offering over 13 different cuts of steak on the menu daily, the Creek is the go-to location for locals and visitors alike!

In line with offering only the best cuts, the Creek is always looking for new and exciting ways to present Beef and is excited to announce the new installation of its very own in-house SMOKER. The huge 800kg cast iron BBQ residing at the entry of the Hotel has been busily smoking as the Creek has experimented with various cuts of meat, types of woods and even cheese and nuts to finesse the taste profile of its offerings, finally settling on a mix of Ironbark and charcoal and even fresh apple at times.

Smoking meats dates back to the cavemen’s time when it was discovered using smoke from the woods imparts a unique flavour and tenderness to otherwise tough cuts. The Creek’s Beef Short Ribs and Pork Belly are smoked for up to 10 hours and are an enhanced flavour unlike anything you have experienced with a melt in your mouth texture second to none.

A new addition to the Breakfast Creek Hotel’s menu, the smoked meats are a welcome addition to the existing premium quality steaks featuring grain and grass-fed and dry-aged specialty cuts.

The Breakfast Creek Hotel upholds the tradition of good old fashion hospitality and celebrates 127 years of faithful service this May. Offering 6 unique bars, each boasting their own personality and patronage that is as individual as the décor the Creek is most loved for a great steak, a “Beer off the Wood” or a rare and exclusive rum in the Substation no.41 Rum Bar.


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