Obviously, there are a lot of entertainment options in the tourist haven known as the Gold Coast. But one thing you can definitely do here is to visit the terrific Gold Coast restaurants and eat, drink, and be merry, because tomorrow you get to enjoy yourself all over again. And here’s a list of the best restaurants Gold Coast has to offer:

George’s Paragon Pizza Wine Bar
George’s Paragon Pizza Wine Bar – Burleigh Heads When it comes to pizza, pasta, and alcohol, the restaurant Gold Coast tourists and denizens both like to visit is George’s Paragon. They’re only open on weekdays, maybe because the workers there plan to party on their own during the weekends. But they open at 5 PM and they go on and on and on until very late! They have local and international beer along with a full wine list that’ll really brighten up your evening.
Omeros Bros Seafood
Omeros Bros Seafood – Marina Mirage Located on the Marina Mirage boardwalk is Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant, which does offer meat-based dishes too. But they’re particularly proud of their seafood, and for good reason – they’re just yummy. They’re open for lunch at noon and they go on until late at night. Try out their special Set Menu for just $45.90, and you get 4 entrées, 4 main dishes, and 4 desserts. It’s a favourite place for bridal shower parties, as the great views match the food and atmosphere.
Dragon Cove
Dragon Cove – Sanctuary Cove Who says you can’t get authentic Chinese dishes and dumplings on the Gold Coast? The Dragon Cove deserves its place among the best Gold Coast restaurants with just its scrumptious Chef’s Specialty Peking Duck. Try them (except for Tuesdays) from 11:30 AM to 3 PM for lunch, and them for dinner from 5:30 PM to 10 PM.
Glenelg Public House
Glenelg Public House – Mermaid This Gold Coast best restaurants list won’t be complete without “the Pub”. But you should really get a reservation, as it’s so popular and tables are limited. The menu highlights steak with the best beef grown right in their backyard. And you can match the exquisite beef with a long list of options in wines and beers.
Howl At The Moon
Howl At The Moon – Surfers Paradise Wanna go crazy? Then you can just how at the moon in this riverside entertainment mecca. It seems they have just about every type of entertainment here to go along with their tasty tapa menu and drinks to match. There’s live entertainment, a sports bar where you and your mates can cheer your teams, private karaoke rooms for those who have the chops, and the terrific dance floor. And there are even private daybeds, just in case you need to take a break from the insanity! With this Gold Coast restaurant, each visit can bring a wholly different type of experience.
La Rustica
La Rustica – Surfers Paradise Once upon a time in 1982, a couple of Italians and a Turkish in-law decided to open a restaurant. And they’ve succeeded in an industry that’s notoriously unforgiving. Their open secret is that they offer a strange but wonderful mix of Italian and Turkish cuisine. They call it the cuisine of the Roman and Ottoman Empires, which does sound a lot better. Besides, it also matches the grandness of their dishes. They offer introductory banquets at very appealing prices. For the Ottoman banquet, you get a trio of dips, gourmet shish kebabs and kofta, with pilaf rice and dippers. For the Roman banquet, you get a large pizza, pasta mista (an Italian staple with chickpea sauce), Euro salad, and home-made tiramisu. Mamma mia!
Thai Silom
Thai Silom – Broadbeach There are plenty of Thai restaurants on the Gold Coast, but for many people Thai Silom is the Thai restaurant to visit. Try the roast duck, which they stir fry with shallots, onions, mushrooms, and young ginger. Or you can go for the coconut lime prawns with its coconut milk and sweet chilli paste.
Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant
Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant – Broadbeach This is also a top choice among the best restaurants on the Gold Coast. What else can you say about the restaurant that keeps on winning awards as the best seafood restaurant in the neighbourhood? With the quality of the food and the service, your time in the Gold Coast isn’t complete without a visit to Yellowfin.

So go forth and try these places out! You won’t be disappointed.

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