From Queensland’s Best Steak Restaurant – Cha Cha Char Bar

Cha Cha Char SteakDid you know that Australian Beef is some of the best in the world? We are highly adept at rearing multiple breeds and cross breeds, we have pristine pastures, organic and biodynamic farming practices, we grain and grass feed, dry age, wet age, in fact we do everything but sing to our cattle. So why do so many of us think Argentinean Beef is superior? The answer is not only in the marbling, the cut or the texture of the meat although those are all contributing factors. It’s about the cooking. Take a piece of high end wagyu, heat a barbecue grill plate, a wood fired oven, a char grill and an open flame barbecue then cook the same piece of meat on each one for the same amount of time. The results will surprise you. Aged beef takes longer to cook and responds well to open flames. Younger grassfed beef breeds like Bos Indicus and European breeds work better on a high intensity at grill or pan. A wood fired oven is the place to cook highly marbled cuts like wagyu and some cuts have higher sugar content which means they caramelise well when cooked on an open flame. Most of us don’t have an open flame char griller or a wood fired oven at home and neither do most restaurants. Argentinean Steakhouses do and that is why it is a world renowned commodity. The good news is that there is one restaurant in Australia that offers all cooking methods and only deals in the very best quality beef that Australia has to offer. Cha Cha Char on the river in Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier utilises several cooking methods for a single cut and the results speak for themselves. Smoky charry and caramelised, these superior cuts taste like no other steak. And the kicker – it’s doing your heart good. Beef is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, iron and zinc and it contains the second highest levels of omega-3’s after oily fish.

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