Surfers Paradise is the ultimate jewel in the Gold Coast tourism and entertainment industry, and that shouldn’t be a surprise since the beach here is widely considered as one of the best in the world. But this place has also been a world-famous playground filled with the best nightlife spots no true party animal can resist. And if you want to take a break from all the madness, you can always refuel and relax in one of the many excellent Surfers Paradise restaurants. So where should you go? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our list of the best restaurants Surfers Paradise has to offer. And a meal in these places won’t cost you a week’s wage either!

Shiraz Persian Restaurant
Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant It always puts a smile to our face whenever we drop by Shiraz. Their dishes appeal to the adventurous spirit you can find in every surfer and vacationer on the Gold Coast. You can start with the Kashk-e-badenjan, which is a Persian-style dip with authentic spices and herbs, and served with Pita bread. Or you can go for the Zeytoon Parvardeh, which is marinated olives with crushed walnuts and pomegranate sauce. Then you can move on to the main dish, which for many is the scrumptious Baghali Polo (special green rice) with Lamb Shank. Or you can try the utterly amazing Zereshk Polo, which is slow-cooked chicken in tomato sauce and Persian spices, along with saffron rice with barberries. Then you have Persian Stews and Vegetarian dishes, with homemade desserts…need we go on? Why limit yourself to comfort food when you can get exciting new dishes like these?
La Rustica
La Rustica Let’s continue our trek into wonderful exotic cuisines with a visit to the charming La Rustica, which was famously found by a pair of Italians and a Turkish lad who married into the family. And what we have here in one of the best restaurants in Surfers Paradise is a delightful mix of Roman and Ottoman Empire dishes. The place exudes a comfortable Mediterranean family atmosphere, with the mouth-watering aromas in the air. Their specialty is Northern Italian cuisine, which is famed for its luscious tomato sauces and the fresh flavours of herbs and basil. It’s simple, yet undeniable full of flavour. Then of course we have the traditional Turkish dishes, which are made with halal meats, aromatic pilaf, and unusual herbs and spices.
Howl at the Moon
Howl At The Moon The menu has been crafted by celebrity chef Guy Rossi, so there’s no worry about the quality of the menu. You can match the superb wine and cocktail list with various dishes, including the BBQ Moreton Bay Bugs with black salt and lemon-fused oil, or the Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, onion and fresh basil. You should also try out their Apple crumble dessert pizza and their Australian Cheese Board with fruits and nuts. But what really sets How At The Moon apart as a top candidate for best Surfers Paradise restaurant is that you can enjoy your food and drinks in a wide variety of settings? Alfresco dining is available by the riverside, or you can watch your favourite teams with your mates with the brand new sports bar and its 20 TV screens. You can listen to live music, or you can even sing in one of the private karaoke rooms. And if you ever get tired of the constant barrage of fun, you can really take a break by sleeping it off on one of the private daybeds, which offer a relaxing view of the riverside.
Hanazono Teppanyaki
Hanazono Teppanyaki This is the Japanese restaurant in the area, and its fantastic dishes cooked fresh Teppanyaki style has made it also a serious candidate for the best restaurant Surfers Paradise has to offer. It doesn’t matter how fussy you are with how your Japanese dishes are prepared, you won’t be disappointed. Their delightful seafood, prime local steak, and tasty chicken dishes will really tantalise your taste buds.

So take heart, Surfers Paradise denizens and visitors. When you’re in need of refuelling for good food and fine drinks, a visit to any of these Surfers Paradise restaurants will certainly recharge your batteries.

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